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Nov 4, 2012 3:00am PST
and which it may be landlords. the law applies to both. and that means you were 100% liable for any barriers to access and any damages that may be associated with those barriers. there are ways you can defend yourself. with your landlord or at senate -- or a tenant, this can avoid a lot of problems later on. the inspections offer a limited attempt at bringing a civil action for damages. it does not affect the ability to bring damage claims under the symbol laws. however, most lawyers -- they will not pursue the case. so, oftentimes, it works it to stop the lawsuit before it starts if you do that inspection. they are not particularly expensive. so, it is something someone would want to do. you will get a tax credit. if you need to make changes in the structure of your premises, there are also tax credits for that. most of these cases start with a letter. a demand letter. that is usually signed not by a lawyer, but by it up plaintive. the plaintiff may not be a professional plaintiff. that does not make any difference. the defense has been tried in court. is a civil rights statute. -- it is a
Nov 6, 2012 7:00am PST
to the landlord here so that it does not happen again. thank you. >> hi, everybody. my name is carmen chu. why don't we get started. with a marking up with the department of small business -- we have been working with the department of small business. this project started when we heard from neighborhood merchants. unfortunately, they had access issues, visibility access issues. we have been working closely with many of our partners year today to educate about these -- many of our partners year today to educate about these issues. also in terms of board guidance. i want to thank all of you for coming. many of you may have assistance. i know many merchants could not be here. please do it share this information with other merchants in the area. we have virginia from the office of small business. we have roger from the bar association. no carla johnson from the office of disability. -- we have carla johnson from the office of disability. i want to especially it acknowledge my colleague to help us get the resources and brought legal expertise to the table. i do not want to take too much of your time. t
Nov 6, 2012 3:00pm PST
a standpoint of ordering furniture and other expenses that the landlord will front as is typical in a landlord-tenant agreement. the landlord will front money on an executed lease, but not on a non-executed lease. so reasonably so, we needed to get this item to this board to see the lease approved before further expenditures would be made by the landlord on our behalf, or really on their behalf in order to secure us as a tenant. so i hope that helps give a little perspective as to the timing. certainly happy to answer any questions you may have about any one of these three agreements. thank you for your time in allowing this process to go as it has. >> president chiu: colleagues, any questions to department staff? supervisor kim. >> supervisor kim: thank you. i had one quick question. this is the second time i've seen, in the lease, us using kind of a landlord advances to front the tenant improvements at an 8% enterrate. being that we're seeing this over and over again i think several of my colleagues has said this is very high if we do choose to participate, and this came up with the departme
Nov 18, 2012 4:00pm PST
we invite people to come to our offices. we are actually doing outreach to managers and to landlords as well. the department of public health has put out a new version of the director's rules and regulations for control of bedbugs that went into effect in july. there are a lot of changes. it breaks down the responsibilities of landlords and property owners. it breaks down the responsibilities of the tenants. it breaks down the responsibilities of the certified pest control operator, which is a big improvement. it also has a timeline in chronological order. even the best case scenario bedbugs a very difficult to deal with. it takes a very long time. they don't physically get under your skin, but they are always in your mind. as this becomes something that more people are aware of, hopefully some of this that information and misinformation will start to go away. we have been working closely with the department of public health on this. we have been working with the bedbug working group. we have seen a lot of progress, especially in what the rules and regulations are on paper
Nov 28, 2012 4:30am PST
and that landlords were confused and people weren't quite sure what their responsibilities were and their role in getting rid of bedbug infestations. so we started to meet in the mission just to start of make that clear who was responsible for. what and we started to identify some gaps that were in the system. and when we looked at what was happening in other parts of city and talked to some of our other community advocate groups we found there was confusion there as well. so to identify some of the gaps that this were and to see what sort of recommendations we could put forth as suggestions for city policy. and sense then we have been working closely with the department of public health and have been giving sort of our suggestions on how they could -- sort of our suggestions on how they can incorporate some of the ideas no their own polices and procedures. and the department of public health has put out their directors' rules and regulations for control of bedbugs of it's a new document and it went into effect july 1st of this year. i would just like to say that we're very excited about t
Nov 3, 2012 11:35pm PDT
. >> reporter: but the worst, mice. the landlord sent over the handy man with traps, but they keep coming. other tenants have had problems. >> we just went to bed with a lot of clothing. he had the landlord wouldn't return his $1,800 security deposit. >> he said i left the place messed up. >> reporter: that landlord is richard thomas. he owns more than 150 rental units around the bay area and he's imtimeus for just that. -- infamous for just that holding security deposits r these tenets we found last year -- tenants were drinking and bathing from contaminated water from a well. thomas was treating it with bottles of clorox. he was forced to install a chlorination system. we caught up with him at a department of building inspection hearing. >> out standing items on the notice. violations are out standing. there's no heat on the property. >> reporter: documents show 72 code violations. for everything from last of permits to water leaks, led paint hazards and rodents. when we tried to ask thomas about that. >> i don't know where you get your information. >> we've seen the property. the tenants want
Nov 27, 2012 5:00pm PST
is targeting. they're going directly to the landlords to try to get them to fix things like the broken window you see here. a broken down rv, ripped apart and left for months. garbage overflowing, exposed wires. these are just some of the problems you'll find in the via monte hoffman neighborhood of san jose. nubia ramirez is a landlord who owns several units here. she is tired of other landlords ignoring the blight. >> if the neighboring properties are not kept up, then it's a problem, you know. the whole neighborhood goes down. >> reporter: so she turned to the newly formed responsible landlord engagement initiative for help. united neighborhoods of santa clara county and the neighborhood housing services of silicon valley are working together to get landlords to address problems brought to them by both tenants and other landlords. >> at that point, we contact the property owner, and we set up a time to meet with that person to discuss what is going on. oftentimes the owners of the apartments are not from this area. they're absentee landlords. >> if the landlords don't fix things, then ofte
Nov 21, 2012 9:00am PST
to the landlord and say, here, we found these issues. we would like you to work on these issues. we give them [speaker not understood], 7 days, 14 days to figure out how to work and receive any [speaker not understood] from the landlord to fix the issue. landlord or lessee to fix the issue. if they don't then we call dbi inspector out and we work with [speaker not understood]. work with dbi inspector or talk with the landlord directly. so, we are like the go between. we are like the folks that come to us in order to address the issue. so, we've done this with welfare. that's what we do here with some of my coworkers and also from the tenants how this is going. thanks. >>> hi, good morning, appeal board. my name is ben. i work with [speaker not understood]. we are with the organizing department at [speaker not understood] and i am the program coordinator for the code enforcement program. adjust mentioned like how we got involved with the building. to provide you with a framework of how we were working with tenants, i want to give you some common issues that we face on a daily basis or tenants
Nov 27, 2012 6:00pm PST
. >>> and fighting in the south bay. the new group holding landlords accountable. we're back in a moment. >>> the super isn't so super. there are now solutions for a south bay neighborhood. a new alliance is helping people fight lousy landlords. >> marianne favro shows us how it's working in this story. >> reporter: this is 130 apartment complexes packed into a few acres. and this is what you'll find here, a broken down rv, ripped apart and left for months, garbage piling high, exposed wires. this is landlord owns several units here. she's tired of other landlords ignoring the blithe. >> graffiti, overflowing dumpster, and you know, trash all over. >> so she turned to the responsible landlords engagement initiative for help. the neighborhood housing services of silicon valley working together to address problems brought to them by both ten nantds and other landlords. they start by contacting the landlords directly, and if that doesn't work -- >> the first thing we attempt to do is set up a meeting with the council member that represents that district in san jose. and bring o bring that c
Nov 21, 2012 6:30pm PST
, because the people doing the work trying to help the landlords make these conditions habitable is really the point. and it works really well. i can only appreciate the work that our code enforcement outreach does with our housing division. that being said, i urge us all to think about what it would be like living in these conditions. and your client has taken on a building that needs a lot of work and, you know, this is one of those situations where i feel like we can really do something, helping the landlord make conditions better there. so, i feel like a good solution is one that was offered of allowing for time to have an empty unit with a bathroom that's private being made public is a reasonable option for us. and for the people living in the building and the owner of the building. >> do you have a motion? >> yeah, i would move that we -- >> just a quick -- so, the time frame -- let's not talk about time frame. you had mentioned 3 to six months. but immediately we could probably organize on each floor in the bedrooms a secondary bathroom to -- could we organize that, henry? >> i wish
Nov 21, 2012 9:30am PST
, that the landlord has in froth of you and of course to move this for abatement. >>> good morning, my name is [speaker not understood] and i'm an organizer at the tenderloin housing district. i want to give a more detailed insight regarding the issue of access in these buildings, especially the war field. it is extremely difficult to access. tenant organizers, community organizers who go inside the building -- i was greeted with hostility when i requested to meet with the tenants. the management's usually response is, get out of here. it is worth thinking about the fact if organizers are treat this had way, how much more the tenants who are uneducated about their rights are are being treated. we can see tenants are not present or not that many of them at least. the lack of preps is the proof of the fact that our efforts for outreach were not successful. we organizers have gone ourselves to speak with tenants. each time we are denied access and asked to get out of the building. the tenants at the war 1850s are on fixed income and most of them are on ssi or iga. they are afraid to come out a
Nov 1, 2012 7:30am PDT
? - are we expecting royalty ? - our landlord, mr. shuster, is coming to have lunch. - we are discussing the new lease. - i'll do my best. good luck. this lunch has acid indigestion written all over it. how do you like thchicken ? it's delicious. rosa is an excellent chef. you have a wonderful restaurant. i hope you're here for a very long time. oh, i'm sure i will be. as soon as i meet with my accountant, i'll let you know about the rent. what about the rent ? property taxes are going up. i may have to pass on the cost to my tenants. i see. when will you know for sure ? hopefully inhe next few weeks. that was terrific ! i'm glad you enjoyed it. i'll go see about dessert. dessert ? - so how's it going back there, victor ? - too soon to ll. - rosa, is dessert ready ? - it's just coming out of the oven. i'll-- what's the matter, rosa ? act normal just this once, please. please. sit anywhere you like. well, actually i'd like to talk with miss rivera, if she's here. - katherine, can you tell rosa someone is here to see her ? - sure can. please. she'll be r
Nov 16, 2012 2:00pm PST
on the uniform visitor policy; prior to that a lot of landlords and madison were limiting or denying the right to have overnight visitors as well as data on visitors. the uniform visitor policy is a compromise. they don't have the same amount of rights. they can have people overnight every night of the month but it is a compromise, it is a step in the right direction so that people can have visitors. previously, more recently we have worked closely with the department of public health in reforming some of the ways that that department and the city at large respond to complaints about bed bugs; it has become more prevalent. it has become a lot more of the issue as the media gives more attention to this. the city has adopted protocols to respond to this in a more timely manner. to get back to the report, the mission sro collaborative, senior action collaborative, we went out and we interviewed over 150 sro tenants who live in chinatown, mission, central city area, seniors, people with disabilities. we had a wide range of questions. it is focused on being a needs assessment. to see wha
Nov 10, 2012 7:00am PST
of up to $5.10 per rentable square foot for construction of improvements amortized by landlord over initial term of seven years at eight percent to be paid as additional rent in the amount of $1,929.10 per month for property located at 1455 market street. >> colleagues, any discussion? same house same call? this resolution is adopted. next item. >> item 9, resolution determining that the issuance of a type 20 off-sale general license to landmark retail group for cvs pharmacy located at 1059 height street will serve the public convenience. >> colleagues, same house same call? this resolution is adopted. next item. >> item 10 is resolution determining that the transfer of a type 48 on-sale general public premises license from 247 powell street to 165 jefferson street (district 3), to nick bovis for the gdl sfo, inc., will serve the public convenience and necessity of the city and county of san francisco. >> same house same call? this resolution is adopted. item 11. >> item 11, resolution determining that the issuance of a type 42 on-sale beer and wine license to roger abuyaghi (nob hi
Nov 27, 2012 4:00am PST
-end homes. the rental market is expected to remain competitive in 2013, keeping it a landlord's market. apartment rents on average will likely tick up 4.6% next year, while vacancy levels drop to 3.9% according to the national association of realtors. anything below 5% is a landlord's market. the cities with the lowest vacancy are portland, new york, and minneapolis. your fingerprint may soon make a bigger impression than your signature when paying with a credit card. discover financial services is testing "paying by fingerprint" among its own employees. staffers who want to participate sign up for the service and can then use touch pads to pay for items in the company cafeteria or convenience store. discover is hoping to develop both a safer and more convenient way to complete a purchase. down, but reportedly not out: according to the wall street journal, there's "a flood" of interested buyers looking to acquire hostess's iconic brands. georgia-based flowers foods is reportedly in an especally strong position to acquire hostess assets, even though the company has made no specific stat
Nov 25, 2012 3:30pm PST
, that there are safeguards. the property manager, landlord of that building is required to say that yes, in return for getting tax dollars, i will make sure that there are no bedbugs and things are maintained properly. that things are safe. all the basics that we all expect. we are thinking of getting them into the contract is one way to do that. that is something we are working on. we welcome other ideas and assistance on that. having bph and sha in the last couple of months is a good opportunity to connect with them. and the thing about how we can do that in the contract. we are also looking at the enforcement structure, department of building inspection and the department of health. the policies and procedures when they get a call from tenant, or landlord saying there are roaches, for the elevator is broken and is not being prepared. the policy about coming out and what do they do to make sure the problem gets fixed. we are starting the process of working with those departments to make sure that the process is as efficient and responsive and timely as possible so that those things get fi
Nov 26, 2012 8:00am PST
, and the opportunity to actually create a reasonable accommodation for the landlord, that would allow for submission of the medical documentation for disability. that is not unheard of. that takes care the fact of nonvisible disabilities. there is also the fear of retaliation, particularly in places where there is not enough control because of the lack of the city contract. we have a lot of success in city funded sros, and nonprofit organizations. that everybody can benefit from knowing what their civil rights are in terms of their housing. >> chair: thank you. cochair james, and program administrator -- >> i have a two-part question. one part is about the desk clerks and having someone who listen to you if you have a complaint. the complaint goes to management? they know they are trained to de escalate situation? i don't know about the training that desk clerks would have at sros. >> i think that the short answer is, that depends. a lot of nonprofit housing providers have their own training and standards to what desk clerks are trained in. yes, there are nonprofit-run sros, who have wel
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 265 (some duplicates have been removed)